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Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas, Part 2

Even knowing there was going to be freezing rain followed with massive snow and Kevin needing to get back for work in the middle of it, we decided to head home anyway, packing quickly and scooting off before anything started. Instead of taking two vehicles as originally planned, we all piled into the truck where we felt quite a bit safer with its 4-wheel drive. We shifted family plans and ended up doing Christmas with Kevin's family first and staying at their house a couple nights so we didn't have to travel in the weather any more than necessary. It worked out OK, and it was nice to have that family time together Tuesday, Wednesday, and part of Thursday morning, especially since Paul and Holly weren't getting in until late Wednesday night anyway.

Then late Thursday morning we headed 30 miles down the road to have lunch and celebrate a quick Christmas with my family before Kevin needed to start the trek back in the snow for work. As chaotic as it seemed at first, it all turned out great, and we had a lovely holiday! Here are some pictures of my favorite moments...

the only picture I really have of my parents this time. shoot!While the kids were staying with Grandma and Grandpa during Kevin's and my Kansas City weekend, they made some homemade gifts for us. Ornaments for Kevin and a little jewelry box for me. They did such a good job, and I love Kevin's genuine smile here!
Eli totally LOVED this! A train he can run by remote. Both kids can work the thing better than I can!
Hannah's pushing little babies around in her new stroller.
Due to ice, the power went out Christmas Eve, so we enjoyed a candlelight dinner. The power flicked on just long enough to get some chili ready and then it was off the rest of the evening.
We all took turns playing Christmas carols on the piano.
Candlelight singing--what I've always dreamed of.
sleepy snuggles with Aunt Holly.
Nothing like holiday munchies.Paul and Holly reading the kids' pre-naptime story.
I love my family.
Still more pictures coming!!

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