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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Meeting the family!

My mom was on call to come as soon as we knew we were in labor. We had temporary childcare set up for until she could get here. Since we went to the hospital during the night we had someone come out to the house to stay with the kids, and then my mom came first thing in the morning, stopping by the hospital on the way to meet the little guy.
Dad couldn't come with her just yet because he was preparing for the big annual meeting at church, but he did surprise us by coming down in the evening just for a quick hello. That was so nice of him! We love being close enough he could do that!

Saturday we had plans to go meet Kevin's family for his mom's birthday dinner in Omaha. Since we just had a baby and all though, we had to pass, and instead they came don to us for an afternoon visit! I'd say some baby snuggles make for a pretty good birthday present!
does Nannie look happy or what?

Can't wait for Carter to meet the rest of the family! He sure is one loved little boy!

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