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Friday, January 22, 2010

Finally seeing more of this

Carter's eyes open! As his bilirubin levels continue to drop he's been having some good alert times. Well, more than before anyway. Maybe two or three times a day he'll just be awake and looking around for 30-45 minutes or so. And with him perched by the window all day long it's great lighting to take pictures likes these. I'm a bit obsessed now that I have a baby that's STILL enough to be easily photographed! =) So enjoy!

He's such a sweet cuddle bug. Have I mentioned lately how much I love him? =)

The nurse just came again this morning to draw his blood, so this afternoon we'll find out what his levels are and maybe MAYBE we can take the machine off?!? Monday it was 15, Tuesday it was 15 again, yesterday was 13.2, so we'll see what it is today. We sure are getting anxious to not be fumbling with his machine cord anymore! To hold him without the big thing wrapped around his belly. For him to not just only wear his few outfits that have snaps down the front where the machine can poke out. And for him to not be confined to the couch all day long. But still I am thankful that he's able to get better, and we've been able to get care right here at home instead of dealing with the hospital! What a blessing!

UPDATE: Carter's levels came back as 11.5 or something like that, so we were given the go-ahead to take off the machine! This was just before afternoon nap, so now he's wearing a ONESIE and we just had a nice snuggly nap in bed! Praise God!

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crystal said...

He is adorable Sarah and you take beautiful photographs! And so glad he is off the machine (fb)