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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Our three munchkins.

The kids adore baby Carter and are so sweet with him! They give him hugs and kisses and gentle pats and then when he's sleeping (which is almost ALL of the time!) the kids carry on with their normal playing/fighting. When Carter cries or makes any little noise at all, Hannah says, "Oh no! Baby crying..." And Eli's cute to guess what the baby might need... "Maybe he's hungry!" They're great little helpers and will help get things out for diaper changes, and they're right there to watch what's going on.

Hannah's grown up over night, as she now feels like she weighs a hundred pounds in comparison to a newborn. And to see her fill the shoes of Big Sister so well brings great joy to my heart. It's amazing how perspective can change just in one single moment of life.

We're loving our new little family! Everyone seems to be adjusting very well so far. And to think, this is just the beginning of a new chapter...

family of five now!

proud big sister
out of focus, but I still love the story it tells.
bringing baby home
checking him out
sweet snuggles

"baby cute!"I LOVE this one!
tiny fingers!
I love that this is a glimpse of all that will be in the future. Big brother leading the other two!

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Abrams Family said...

How cute! Count your blessing!!