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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Meet Carter!

Okay, the first set of pictures just to get some up for you! I'll post more of the family and kids' pictures later, but for now here's just lil' Carter. He's a sweet little guy and we all adore him. He's really easy-going except when we try to lay him in his cradle at night, and he wakes up every time. But once we finally got him to sleep around 2am he stayed asleep until I woke him in the morning at 8am. Looks like we'll have a full day of feedings to make up for that, but I sure wasn't going to wake him in the night! The kids love Carter to pieces and are so sweet with him. It's so weird to see Hannah grow up overnight! She's so big and so heavy in comparison to a newborn! I kinda miss my little girl, but I know she's going to be such a great big sister!

Soo... where did the name "Carter James" come from? Honestly, Carter is just a name that came to me when I saw the kids' blue and red push car laying in the yard one afternoon, and James is in honor of my birth father who died when I was a baby. I really wanted James as the middle name, so we were in search of a two or three-syllable name to go with it. And ta-da! It was the name that I wanted, but we still were never really decided on it until Kevin announced it at delivery! =) You can read all of the birth story HERE.

Welcome to the family, little guy! We sure do love you!!

Carter looks so much like Eli did, with his short blondish-brown hair. I'll have to look back at the photos to compare.

Stay tuned! You know me, there are a lot more pictures to come!! =)


crystal said...

He is adorable Sarah!!! Congratulations!!!!

The Chase Family said...

Congratulations Sarah (& family!)! That's such great, exciting news. :)

A very good friend of mine just had her little girl at 12:59am on the 14th (at 36 wks) and I was just telling my husband that I was anxious to hear about your little one when he arrived. :)

He's a doll. :)

The Cutes and Scoots Show said...

Absolutely beautiful. So glad you, Carter and the rest of the family are doing well. I knew the shoveling would do it! :)
Seems like you guys opted to bail quickly out of the hospital just like we did with PJ.
A thought for laying him down. We had this with Parker cause he loved the feeling of your arms around him. When we would lay him down we put 2 rolled up (longways) receiving blankets next to his sides. I think this helped him to feel tucked up real close and keep the warmth in. Just an idea to help make your life easier. Not like you aren't busy enough already! :)

Good luck and so glad that Hannah and Eli love him already!