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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mellow Yellow.

Yesterday morning we took Carter in for a little checkup and the doctor thought he might be a little bit jaundiced. So we went to the hospital lab to get the test done, and sure enough his bilirubin level was a little high, at 15, and normal is 10. A home nurse was then scheduled to come by our house and set us up with a light machine to help his levels go down. It turned out that my friend Laura from church and MOPS was our nurse, so that was a fun surprise!

the light wrap is under Carter's clothes. it looks like he has an umbilical cord again =)
first trying it out
the light pad just wraps around his belly. he wears it all day, so it's nice that we can still hold him and feed him and change him with it still on.
there's a little baby in there! sleeping on the couch...all. day. long.and it doesn't bother him one bit.
It's mostly just a burden at night because he has to sleep in his own bed, unswaddled, instead of cozied up in bed with us, which for some reason he prefers even though he sleeps any how any way all day long. Still trying to figure that one out and hoping tonight goes much better! A home nurse came to draw his blood, and his bilirubin level is still 15, so he'll be on the machine still until Thursday at least, and then we'll check him again.

Carter has been such a trooper about all this! The hardest part has been getting him to wake up enough to eat, but after he's better he should be a little more alert, so I'm looking forward to that. In the meantime, we'll remember that this too shall pass...

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Darla said...

Poor little guy! That doesn't seem too comfy. Kenna's bili count was 18 at the hospital, so they wouldn't let her leave until her levels came down (2 days), then we had to keep her in the window and keep taking her back to get her heel pricked:-( Even though it's not the biggest deal, it's still just a hassle. Glad he's over it now! He's such a cutie too.