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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

223 pictures later!

And I finally got an okay picture of Hannah. Holy cow is trying to get a framer of a 2yr old HARD! Apparently "look at me!" means NOTHING. I couldn't get her to look at me, let alone smile. And when I tried to just photograph her while she was doing stuff, she'd get near things I didn't want in the picture or the lighting was bad (because when it's sunny every direction you move totally changes the lighting) or she was just making a weird face. Not my happiest moment. I turn into a monster sometimes when trying to get a picture. Really. It's not cool. But here we are. 2 pictures that made it worth it are keepers. Hopefully one will work for a new picture in the office.

Now for a new family picture so I can change my blog header... I've got something in mind, just waiting for a NOT sunny day so we don't have to worry about face shadows or squinty eyes.


Sharon said...

Beautiful! You're so talented. :)

bp said...

I enjoy your pictures of your kids. Those litle pigtails are so cute. She looks like such a big girl now!