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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter 2010

I know Easter seems like forever ago, but I don't want it to completely pass by without having been documented. So here it is!

First Easter morning started with a breakfast at church, just me and the kids, but the kids ended up being GREAT! Carter slept the WHOLE time--from when we got to church, through breakfast, through the short message following, through church, and almost all the way home!
Easter week I was feeling weird that it was really the holiday since Kevin was going to be working the whole weekend and it's just not that exciting to celebrate it with just me and the kids. So at somewhat the last minute my family decided to come for the afternoon! My parents and Paul and Holly! As soon as the kids were up from naps we had an Easter egg hunt. Then since our dining room is out of commission right now we had a picnic lunch outside on our porch instead, followed by a little bit of Bocce ball before it was time for them to head off. Fun day!!

all done, counting eggs

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alisha said...

how is Carter big enough to sit in a bumbo chair already!?!? man they grow fast!! :) your kids are so cute!