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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Carter--3 months!

3 months old already! Can you believe it???

* No longer sleeps swaddled. Not because he didn't like it but because somehow one night in my sleepy state of mind and blind vision I think Carter ended up on his belly and because he was swaddled his arms were all bound tight. It scared the bajeebies out of me and I stopped using the swaddle cold turkey, even though it worked sooo well! I was so thankful his cradle was right next to me and I could hear him fussing around.
* He smiles and coos all the time. And C-RIES if you're not paying enough attention to him. Otherwise he's a fairly happy little fellow.
* Sits in the Bumbo seat now.
* Still mostly naps in the bouncy seat in the office, but can sleep laying down (I just had quit when Kevin went on nights last week and was sleeping in the room during day)
* He sleeps great long naps when we're out and about but pretty short naps when we're just here at home.
* Carter sleeps in his cradle the first half of night then after he's fed (around 2:30am??) most of the time he ends up staying there right next to me. But, so that I can get up before the kids, and NOT wake Carter trying to do so, I'm trying to actually sit up in the night to feed Carter again so that I can lay him back in his cradle. He then sleeps until about 6am for feeding part 2 and then back to sleep until about 7am.
* Actually starting to take interest in toys, like watching the lights on his jungle gym or bouncy seat. But still not yet reaching for toys.
* When he's tired or starting to get hungry he likes to lick all over his hands.
* He's shifting into more of a 3-4 hr feeding schedule during the day.
* Gaining weight well and getting very chunky! So cute!

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