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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Almost 3 months!

Love these new ones I got of Carter today! I think I'm going to pick one of these to print 8x10 and put in his frame in the office! The lighting was great so I really didn't do much editing except cropping. The last two are my favorite, but the first one's pretty cute too. Heck, they're all cute! =)


Chris said...

What editing software do you use? I'm looking to get something and am looking for opinions.

Thanks! He's adorable by the way! Great pictures!
Chris Fiscus

alisha said...

Very cute! how is he almost 3 months old already!? I think WalGreens is offering free 8x10 prints tomorrow! :)

In Light of the Truth... said...

Chris- I use Adobe Photoshop for editing my pics, although the program is MUCH more complicated than what I know how to do. But I figured out enough that I can do a lot of adjustments!

Alisha- I'll have to watch for Walgreens sale! Thanks for letting me know!

Ashley Dawn said...

So adorable! My favorite is the vertical one. What a beautiful family you have!

crystal said...

Wonderful pictures (as always)! And he is such a cute baby!!!