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Monday, June 14, 2010

Carter--5 months!

One of life's very greatest treasures!!
(note: the hat was Kevin's dad's when he was a boy. Grandma made it for him.)

Carter has changed more this month than any other month so far! Now he's very playful and active! Lots of milestones, lots of development!

Notes from the month:

* Sleeps in a pack in play in guest room for both bed and naps.
* Now that we use a fan the sound machine is starting to get phased out.
* We do put one of those blanket bears in with him {at naptime only, not bedtime} and then he doesn't really cry when we put him down.
* Rolls over both ways now, so we have to watch where we put him. Now it's dangerous to just set him on the couch, let him sleep on a big bed, or be in a car seat or bouncy seat without being buckled.
* Mostly sleeps on tummy or side now. I'm happy to say he doesn't really sleep ON his face anymore. Like this.* Found his toes!* Grabs for things and toys all the time now.
* Loves putting blankies in his mouth.
* Loves putting anything in his mouth, especially his fingers, but there are no signs of teeth coming yet.
* Spends much of his day in the exersaucer now instead of the bouncy seat.* Sleeps 2-3 long naps now!!
* Nurses every 3-4 hours.
* Is on a 2-hr "schedule". Up 2 hours, sleep 2 hours, up 2 hours, sleep 2 hours, 'til bed.
* Goes to bed at 7:30/8pm, "dreamfeed" at 10pm, and back to bed. Wakes up once or twice a night still with morning wakeup usually between 6 and 7am.
* Sits in high chair at meal times with us but we still haven't started cereal yet.* Has his own swing on the swing set now and likes just to chill out, on cloudy days when we don't have to worry so much about him getting sunburned. (I want to put his swing on the far right where the rings are but for now, it's over there on the left, all on his own, poor guy) * He's very strong and tries to sit forward when in car seat or bouncy seat. Give 'em another month and he'll probably be close to sitting on his own!
* He's a very content little guy, especially now that he can play on his own, and very rarely cries.

Gosh, we sure do love him!I mean really, how could you NOT!


Mary said...

LOVE the hat and love the treasure box idea! I wish we were neighbors so I could use your props! And you could take photos for me too - haha! Carter is sweet!!!

The Fischer Family said...

Those pictures are so sweet! I've been an awful mommy when it comes to pictures of my number 3!!! We have that same swing! And boy does he look like Eli! Thanks for sharing your adorable little guy!

Simple Life said...

You are so creative! Those are awesome pictures!!
If I lived closer I would have to hire you to take pictures of my kids!! :)