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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Coming right along!

Ah, I am SO HAPPY to say that we've FINALLY made it over the hump called Dry Walling! Whew, that really did take forever! Last night we did the final wipe down and put primer on the walls. Now this morning we got the first coat of color paint on! Then before we do the second coat of wall paint we're going to go ahead and paint the ceiling in case of any splatters. Kevin and Eli are making a Home Depot run this afternoon for another gallon of paint and about a hundred other things. In the midst of finishing the drywalling, Kevin replaced all our main doors (still have yet to do each storm/screen door). But for now, here are the before and afters...

BEFORE, when we first moved inAFTER
gosh, you forget how far you've come until you look at all the changes! between the two pictures we've taken the screen off the porch, hung a swing, pulled out all the bushes (still waiting to landscape, any offers??), replaced the upstairs windows, changed the front door, had a baby, and acquired a cat. And notice the new door on the side! I love LOVE it! It makes the room really feel like a dining room now! Who knew doors could be so exciting?? It'll be especially nice when we {someday} have a patio and picnic table at the bottom of those steps. But like I said, someday. The picnic table we may pull off this summer, but the patio will have to wait, and I'm fine with that.
new back door, don't have a before pic, but see how nicely it matches the new dining room door
front door, BEFOREnew front door (it'll be a little bit covered at the bottom when we put the screen door on, but still much better than before)
Now for interior dining room progress...

all walls and ceiling are primed
first coat of paint. the doorway on the right goes into the kitchenThere's the new door! The doorway on the left goes into the living room.
Right now we're THINKING of replacing the dining room windows, while we already have it torn apart there. Kevin will look into it today while at Home Depot. And next week our flooring should arrive! It should be a quick install, along with the baseboard trim, and then we can go ahead and move our table back in from the kitchen. Until then we'll finish with the painting, do the molding up top, work on finishing the doorways, oh and totally knock out our downstairs bathroom/playroom closet (we got a quote for it but the guy said it would be cheaper if we did the demo ourself. Easy enough!). I'm getting SO EXCITED, you guys!! It may not be done yet but it's VERY close to being usable again!! Woohoo!!


Kathy said...

That looks AWESOME! Great job guys. Cannot wait to see the finished product!!

jaesi said...

AHHH! it is going to be soooo awesome.
Im excited to see it in person. Love the color.