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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Flooring's down!

molding is up (just need to fill in the gaps), light fixture is up, and flooring is down!
the cupboards plan we have for the back wall: utility cupboard on the far left, pantry cupboard on the far right, and misc storage for paper towels, napkins, recycles, etc on the others with a wine rack in the middle. there'll be a countertop on top of that for our toaster and coffee pot (a breakfast bar of sorts). It might be awhile til we get this figured out and ordered, so for now we just went ahead and painted it.
a usable dining room again!

Still to finish: doorways, trim around doorways, floor trim, new windows and window trim, then paint all the trim (and the door maybe) the same cream color as ceiling. Oh and decorating--curtains and decor! But it's coming!

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