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Monday, June 28, 2010

Look who's sitting!

This is one of my very favorite ages! Playful but not mobile. Squealy (sp??) and talkative. Entertainable. Distractable. Chubby, squeezable, and so very kissable! AND last Wednesday Carter learned how to sit up. No in between tottering with the Boppy around him. Just full-blown learned how to sit in one day. I seem to remember Hannah doing the same thing. It helped a lot to have a toy in front of him to keep his attention and balance. And now he sits for several minutes before eventually toppling over. It was a big day and so fun to tell Daddy when he came from work, "Look, Carter can sit now!" And then plop him on the floor and he did it! So cute!

love the drool!
such a delightful baby!
oh he's darling!
out of focus, but I still love it!

NOW, how to press the pause button on this little guy...

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