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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting big!

And a video of Eli from that night that I never got around to putting up. {We had to kick the male cats out of the shed that night to keep the mama and her babies safe. Eli will tell you about it.}

Well, almost 7 weeks later, they're alive and well! After mama had her babies she took them to the upstairs part of the shed for several weeks so we never saw them and really had no clue how they were doing. Now they're back down in the lower level and walking around and maybe starting to eat from food bowl. They're cute and adorable and for the first time getting to come out of the shed for little visits!

the black and white one
the white and yellow one
And my favorite, the gray one...

1 comment:

crystal said...

Awww..they are all three cute! But I definately like the gray one... :) and the video is adorable!!!!