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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Birthday Party #1 --Friends

The Monday of Eli's birthday Kevin had the day off so we decided to have Eli's friends party then. Four families and all their kids amounted to about 24 people, so we're thankful it was nice weather so we could be OUTSIDE. We had a GREAT time!

the celebration!

pizzas for dinner. note the awesome picnic table that Kevin built!

the cake. homemade ice cream cake!
the presents

the FUN!
it was a tad rainy in the morning but when the sun came out in the afternoon I decided somewhat last minute to do water toys for Eli's birthday. So I called the four moms and told them to bring the kids' suits. And about a half hour before the party I ran to town for a second baby pool. I'm glad I did because the kids had. a. blast! They played in the pools and on the slip n slide the WHOLE time and then at the end we got out water guns, and we all had so much fun! And the weather was absolutely PERFECT!

water guns!

some of our favorite faces!


jaesi said...

Oh so fun! Your house and its surroundings make the most beautiful pictures!
It was such a fun evening!

crystal said...

Looks like such a fun party!!!! Glad the rain quit and yall got to do the water part of it....

Beautiful pictures!!!