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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sneak Peek!

Here's the update on the downstairs bathroom. Progress from this past week, hoping to finish by next weekend!

old wall gone and room gutted, studs in old closet doorway, and plywood down on the flooring
insulationdrywall up (except for piece in top right corner there)drywall mudding--contractor is doing this, hooray!
bathroom setup. the sink and toilet aren't set yet or anything. the contractor has to finish sanding the mudding, do the ceiling texture, and then we are going to paint first before laying the tile and installing the sink and toilet. but we set them there for now so we can make marks for where the plumbing needs to go
wall color: vanilla brandy. aqua/teal color is going to be the accent color in the decor.
tile choiceplayroom: old closet doorway is drywalled over.

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