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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Swim lessons!

At somewhat the last minute I realized that maybe Eli should start swim lessons so I signed him up! M-Th for 2 weeks at 9:45-10:45 with Friday as the make-up day should we be rained out earlier in the week. That wasn't too much of a time commitment, Kevin's off for the second week so I thought it might be a good time to go for it!

Monday was our first day. It was drizzly and something like 68 degrees. The poor kids were FREEZING! I still had family in town from our 4th of July shindig so I had them stay around a little longer to watch Hannah and Carter so I could just take Eli alone and help him get settled. He was shy but when it was time to head to the pool he followed his class without any crying, so I was relieved! I felt bad that I still hadn't taken the kids to the pool before this, so a lot of things were new to him but he was a good sport about it. There are about 13 kids and 4 instructors. He's one of the shortest in the class and because he's shy, he needs a little more help but the lifeguards are good with him. He's one of the last to get in the water and one of the last to participate in each activity, but in the end he does do it. And I'm proud of him!
When we got back home that first day, Hannah threw a big fit about wanting to swim too. So the rest of this week I've been dropping her off at a friend's to play while the boys and I go to lessons. It would be a long hour for her to just sit and wait poolside. And while I know the park is right next-door, I really like to watch Eli and see what he's learning and how he's doing. So this is working. And this is my big boy in his first organized anything!

I've also come to realize how nice our town's pool is! It's sectioned off nicely with a 3 ft section, a 4ft section, the slide area, the deepend and diving board area, and then completely fenced off is the baby pool. Maybe just maybe I can brave bringing the kids there on my own!

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Anonymous said...

Sarah! I miss Eli's cute videos. You should record one of him at swimming class!