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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Carter--6 months!

Oh I cannot BELIEVE my sweet baby boy is 1/2 a year old already! I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't getting a tad emotional about that. Especially when we really think this is our last babe, I hate feeling like these moments are slipping through my fingers! 6 months is one of my FAVORITE ages! Playful and entertainable, sitting so you can plop 'em down when you need your hands free, not crawling all over the nasty floor yet, and not mobile enough to get into too much, totally smiley and happy and talkative, and old enough they're settling into good sleep routines. So so fun, lovable, and squeezable!! Oh I just LOVE. THIS. BOY!

No, he didn't actually fall asleep in the grass but I love that it totally looks like it. Was getting sleepy though.
and the camera completely fogged over because of the heat and humidity so I had to call it quits
* Naps from 9-11ish and 1-3ish, catnaps sometime around 5 or 6pm and goes to bed at 8pm. I stopped waking him up again at 10pm and I'm happy to say the last couple nights he slept all the way from 8pm 'til almost 5am! We're getting there! And then he eats and is back to sleep 'til 6:30/7ish, if Big Bro doesn't wake him up first.
* He's getting harder to nap anywhere besides in his bed unless we're driving. Most of the time anymore he wakes up as soon as we get "there" so if we're running several errands he'll end up being awake the whole time, or at church, or at swim lessons, or at the rodeo. He's a very happy baby even when I know he's really tired.
* He doesn't really taken his binky anymore, it's been so long since we've used it. And I'm hoping he still does fine with a bottle!
* He squeals and shrieks instead of giggles. I love it. =)
* The biggest milestone of this month is that he learned to sit up toward the beginning of the month is quite sturdy now! He still tips over but not enough to warrant surrounding him with extra support.
* He's Mr. Grabbypants now and will reach for anything that's near him. So watch out!
* He stuffs everything in his mouth ALL the time, but mostly his hands. No teeth yet though.
* Food: we've tried cereal several times. The first couple times he seemed to like it and almost seemed to fuss if we didn't feed him fast enough. But since then he's not been liking it. I've been trying to find the right consistency or make it with breastmilk vs water, and haven't noticed any preference. So this morning I went ahead and tried some banana. He actually ate a little bit!

(click to view larger)
* I don't have his weight and measurements yet. With Eli's swim lessons still going on this week, we'll have to wait 'til next week to get him in for his appointment.
* Eyes are still sparkly gray. But the hair is losing that red tint he had in his earlier months.

Oh, I am so thankful he's a part of our family!!

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Darla said...

we feel like Grey might be our last too, and I am cherishing every second. I think he might be getting a little more spoiled too. He's just too cute...and my baby forever!