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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Carter--9 months!

This month's updates:
* Teeth 3 and 4 came in, so now he has two bottoms and two tops and a great smile.
* He pulls to standing with ease now and is sometimes standing in his bed (pack n play or if it's the crib he's always standing) when we get him.
* He likes to put his arms up in the air now playfully and he can almost clap.
* He's been waking early these days, around 5:30/6:00am.  I feed him and he lays back in bed {usually awake} until almost 7am.
* He still naps 2.5 times a day and nurses 4 times a day.  
* He eats lots of different baby foods now, making mmm sounds while he eats, and usually feeds himself Puffs, crackers, or Cheerios while the rest of the family eats meals.
* He's zooming all over the house now crawling and we have to keep a watchful eye to make sure he doesn't {though he will} find eat something he shouldn't.
* He got to meet lots of new people this month.  He met a family-of-family member Mr. Ed early in the month, he met my good friend Lisa, and he came to bridal shower with me in Iowa.

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