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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pumpkin Patch 2010

Last Thursday we made our annual family trip to the pumpkin patch.  Sort of.  Our calendar fills up so quickly these days with school three mornings a week, naps in the afternoon, and Kevin's wacky work schedule.  So I actually had to write this onto our calendar in order to make sure we got to go; it was about the only day free.  Well, turns out they only do the hay rack rides to the pick-your-own pumpkin patch and apple trees on the weekends, so we just had to select from the already-picked pile in front of the store.  Definitely not as exciting, but I really don't think the kids minded at all. 

 There wasn't a great spot in front of the store for family pictures and I'd dressed everyone up in coordinating colors, so we headed to a nearby park area for pictures...

The kids and I will get to go to a super-fun kid-friendly pumpkin patch next week with our MOPS friends!  We sure love fall!

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alisha said...

cute pictures! :) your kids are getting so big!