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Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Wedding Weekend

Last weekend Kevin and I went to my friend/old roommate Emily's wedding to the love of her life Randon.  We drove to my parents' house Friday afternoon, and Saturday my family hung out with our kids while Kevin and I headed off 3+ hours away for the wedding which was located at my ol' college!  

It's always great to be back on campus. So many memories there.  It was my home for an important part of my life, the place I made "family".

Anyway, we got there right in perfect timing with some extra minutes to relax and chat with other friends I'd been excited to see there.  The wedding was beautiful, the reception fun, and the day just perfect.  After the reception we walked around campus with our friends for awhile, touring the buildings that are new since our time there and reminiscing about days gone by.  Afterward I called up another friend in the area and we stopped by for a brief visit before heading on to dinner and then back to my parents house again.  We were so tired, I mean REALLY tired, it's a looong 3 hr drive through nothingness, and we got back at whopping 11:30pm.  We've aged so much since becoming parents!  LOL It was a good day though.  And we're thankful for family watching the kids so we could go and just BE. 
before we left
so beautiful this time of year!

everyone played BINGO at the reception using sweet tart hearts for the markers

us Wartburgers (Angie, Sarah, Emily, Amber, Gina)

Angie's 6-month baby boy Gabe.  A cutie pie!!
Then Sunday was my dad's birthday, so it was convenient that we were going to be there anyway!  We went to church, had snackin's and cake for lunch, then naps, then the annual church fundraiser Smorgasboard.  We ate early and then headed back home to Nebraska.  Busy, tiring weekend.  But GOOD.

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