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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Beginner reading

I've just barely started beginning reading with Eli. I've introduced a couple word families to him, and already I can tell he's going to do a great job as he learns to blend together more and more words.  We've also done a couple easy, repetitive type books.  It's so fun listening to him read a whole "book" by himself!

Note: Now after the fact, I realize when Eli said "boat" instead of "sail boat" I could have told him to re-look at the first letter of the word and figure it out from there, but while taking the video, I wasn't thinking that fast!

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Darla said...

so cute! If you get any of Money Saving Mom's updates, you can get a steal of a deal on Hooked on Phonics, sometimes (she posts when it's on sale). I got the entire K-2 curric. for $34 shipped. Amazing deal. The kids love it, and Kenna is doing so well with reading using it!