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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Childlike faith

Eli's practicing writing the letter T right now in an activity packet I made for MOPS {it was an extra one he's doing again}.  He's telling Hannah it's like the cross where Jesus died.  I ask him from the other room, "And why did Jesus die on the cross?"  He replies very matter of factly, "'Cuz! For our sins!"  Oh I love how he said it.  I love how children just take what you tell them as truth. 

I continued to ask him what it means that Jesus died for our sins, what happens once our hearts our cleaned and he answered, "We go to Heaven!"

I pray that he continues to grow in knowledge and truth, that he continues to believe, and that I continue to feed him the good things I want him to believe.  Because when I say bad things, when I'm mad and frustrated, he'll believe that too and that scares me.  Lord, thank for you this sweet boy with such a big heart for You.

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Servant Becca said...

"... a little child shall lead..." Is 11:6