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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

He passed!

Well, Carter passed his weight check yesterday!  I was actually *worried that he'd fail since he'd had the stomach flu, but even still in two weeks he gained 8 ounches and is now at 17 lbs 10oz!  Dr. asked what I did, and I said, "We FED him!" LOL She told us to keep doing what we're doing, Carter's looking great!  Whew!

* Worried the Dr. would be concerned and want to draw blood, not actually worried about Carter's health


Servant Becca said...

Praise God for His mercies in the midst of a sick little guy. What a relief that Carter passed the test of weight gain!

Sharon said...

That's great! What a stress relief for you. :)

crystal said...

Yay Carter!!!! and yes, I know the dread of having your kids blood drawn...Alaina had to have it done quite often and it is very dreadful... a very big stress relief for you!