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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Carter--10 months!

It was one of those months where I kept saying "He's 9 months, He's 9 months..." and it all of a sudden hit me a couple days ago that my goodness, he's turning 10 months already!

* Tooth #5 came in.  Top eye tooth.
* He can almost clap but not really quiet yet.
* Stands all the time and is starting to cruise a little bit along the furniture.
* Stood without support the other day for several seconds when he was distracted watching Eli and Hannah play.  I haven't yet been able to get him to stand on his own since then.
* Walks with his push cart toy thingy now!
* Makes a B-line for the fridge or cupboards the second either is opened. And he likes to repeatedly pull down the towels I have hanging on the oven handle.
* Can easily twist himself out of the Bumbo seat. (though we don't use it much at all anymore) 
* He "found" his tongue and is frequently sticking it out and grabbing at it.
* He playfully shakes his head "no".
* He babbles "bababa" now instead of just "mamama".
* Is starting to figure out how to get up the stairs.  Almost time to break out the baby gate again!
* We really started bulking him up with baby food, feeding him regularly for every meal of the day.  We should find out a couple days what his current weight is.
* His nighttime sleep has been a little inconsistent lately.  Sometimes he'll sleep through the whole night and sometimes he'll wake up once or twice.  Might be because of new teeth coming??
* His daytime nap schedule is pretty consistent and predictable, and as long as he gets his naps, he's happy as a clam and a very easy baby.
* He still nurses four times a day, and I'm thankful we've been able to continue even with those teeth in there.
* He had a bout of the stomach flu this month but has otherwise been very healthy.
* He plays the "Indian" game.  If you start patting on his mouth, he'll start making the noise to go with it.
* He now gives us a super scrunched -up-nose, toothy smile like this.  

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Servant Becca said...

Wouldn't it be nice if kids were always so entertained by sitting them on a footstool or chair? Looking forward to giving this little guy a hug and kiss!