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Thursday, November 18, 2010

For real this time?

Maybe, just maybe, Hannah might be potty training!  For quite awhile now she's been able to sit on the potty and pee right away--HUGE deal, because that means she knows how to make her body work.  Or whatever.  But as soon as I tried to put her on the potty at set time intervals she didn't want to do that, and I didn't want to push so I just let it go.  Well, this week she wanted to wear her panties. So we let her.  The first day she peed through every pair, I think.  The next day she pulled out panties again, so we gave it a try, I remembered to have her sit on the potty every once in awhile, and she continued to stay dry for the entire morning!  I put a pull-up on her for nap and couldn't get her to do the panties again after.  But the next morning I asked her if she wanted to pick out panties for the day, and she did, so we did, and she continued to stay dry all morning!  We were going out to lunch and since she'd been doing so well, I thought we'd be brave and try going out with just panties on.  And she stayed dry at the restaurant and even in the middle of lunch she said needed to go potty so we went!  Awesome!  After nap she went back into panties and stayed dry until I put her in a pull-up for a church event.  Two days in a row of staying dry for a long period of time!  This is great!  It might actually be the real deal, not just random potty times!  This mama is excited!!

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Kelly said...

That's GREAT!! I'm excited for you and her both!! =)