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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

11 Months.

I didn't do as good about writing things down this past month but I'll do my best at remembering Hannah's updates:

* She's definitely getting more and more interactive and fun. She's a silly girl and likes to shake her head "no" a LOT and do little wiggles and dances. She's a quiet, content little thing and still has the sweetest little coos and goos. You can't help but go crazy over her!
* She's trying to form words as she smacks her lips and says "mamama" "dadada" "bababa" "and "hah"
* A couple times she copied the sign for "more".
* A big thing of this month is that she's shifting into table food. Baby foods that she used to love, like sweet potatoes, she's refusing. Table foods that she likes: grapes, cooked carrots, celery, hominy (don't know what that is? click HERE to see), green beans, yogurt, cottage cheese, peaches, pears, bananas, noodles, crackers, pretzals, nutri-grain bars, animal crackers.
* She likes to drop her food on the floor, then lean over to look at it.
* She's getting even closer to walking. She stands on her own for just a second before toppling back down to the floor. She can walk when you just hold one of her hands. She practically runs across the house with her push walker. And every once in awhile she tries to walk on her to get to you, but she takes half a step and falls back down.* She will put everything in her mouth, including those Asian Lady Beatles (yuck!!), so you have to keep very close watch on her all the time.
* We started her on another type of sippy cup, and she does very well with it, but still doesn't drink all that much to count for anything.* She's figured out how to get her cute little hair bow out in about 2 seconds flat from when I put it in.* No new teeth, but we're pretty sure she's getting her top fronts in very soon.
* Feeding patterns-- she nurses at 5:30 am (we're in process of nixing that), 9:30am, 2:00pm, 5:00pm, 7:30pm. Sometimes we drop one of those during the day. Plus she eats breakfast, lunch, dinner with us. Seeing that she's one month away from turning 1 YEAR we're definitely moving towards weaning!! Not an easy process though!
* Sleeping patterns-- 2 hr nap around 10 am and 2 hr nap around 2pm. Bedtime at 7:30/8:00 . Sleeps solid until 4:30 or 5:30am, eats and then back to sleep until 7:30/8:00am.
* Stats: rough measurements are 20-21lbs and ~28 inches tall.


Holly said...

Awesome!! She's such a cutie pie!! I get to see her again in a mere 6 weeks or so! YEAH!!

Sharon said...

Happy 11 months!
She is such a beautiful little girl. :) I can't believe it's almost been a year.