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Friday, January 9, 2009

Inside house pics

If you come in the back door you first see the kitchen.Off the kitchen are two small rooms: A pantry
...and a laundry room/mud room.But there is plenty of room in the basement for pantry and washer/dryer, so we want to combine those two rooms to make a dining room. Right outside this laundry room and the next room from the kitchen is the living room with a built-in hutch.Through French doors then is the office.Go back through living room and then into hallway area and you have a quarter bathroom (no sink). Behind that window is a closet so we want to take the closet out to make room for a sink.Next to the bathroom off the hallway is the kids' playroom.One of the four upstairs bedrooms. They all pretty much look like this.The cupboard in the upstairs hallwayThe upstairs bath (tub is behind front wall)And the attic. It's actually pretty nice, with a staircase up to it.There's an unfinished basement too, but it's not worth any pictures. haha

So that's the house!


bp said...

How exciting! Are you picturing it all in your head how you want the furniture and what you want where? I like it!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the inside!! I think it is going to be a perfect place to raise your family!! You have so much space. From the outside picts you sent me it looked really spacious and these inside pictures really show what a lovely home you have. Hopefully one of these days we can come & visit!! Love you, LT

Julie said...

SO excited for you! Wow, it's definitely spacious, isn't it?! And it's very lovely. I can't wait to see what you do with it & I wish that I could come and visit you! :)

Talk to you more soon.


BellaMama said...

It's really nice with soooo much room for the little ones to run & have special places!! Such a roomy kitchen with all those "extra" rooms!! You're blessed!! So happy for you!!