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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Yay for furniture!

I just wanted to report that moving day went VERY well yesterday! Kevin's family was coming to help with the kids, and I was nervous about juggling his parents, the kids, and the movers as I checked off the item list when things came in the door and gave orders for where to put everything. But it all went great, and I couldn't have been more pleased!

The driver told us he'd arrive between 9 and 10am yesterday, so I got up early to get myself dressed and ready and then as soon as the kids got up (7:30/8ish) I got their breakfast going right away and got them dressed quickly. But just as I was about to change Eli, I saw the truck pull up in front of the house at 10 minutes before 9:00. So in record time, 30 seconds flat probably, I had Eli changed and ready to go, and I dashed out the door to greet the moving guys. They said they were going to figure out where to put the truck and they'd be in in a minute so I put Hannah in the pouch and Eli in the playroom with a movie, and we were set to go!

I am such a nerd and labeled the upstairs bedrooms, so when I told them which room to put things in, they'd know without me having to lead them around. I hadn't anticipated though, and it was great, that we did a quick walk-through before starting, and it gave them a great idea of what was happening with our house (with carpet coming soon) and which doors would be good to use. Just as they started to bring boxes in Kevin's family pulled up, so it was all just perfect timing! Nannie and Mom kept Eli company in the back room as he watched the Cars movie. And Hannah was happy as could be in the pouch and she was all warm, so I kept her there, and together we checked numbers off the item list (it kind of felt like we were playing Bingo!). Eli was SUCH a good boy and stayed in the back room watching the movie with bear and blankie, despite the commotion just outside the room. He watched most of the movie and then when he decided he was done, Grandpa took him outside to watch the moving truck and walk around a bit. And when his wagon was unloaded off the truck, he was happy as could be and then went for a ride in his wagon with Grandpa. Grandma and Nannie then were still inside finishing that movie and then once the couches were unloaded, they came out by me and sat on the couches. When the movers took a short break, I put Hannah down for her morning nap, not knowing if she'd be able to sleep very long at all with all the noise in the house, but she ended up sleeping a solid 2 hours, despite the noise right outside her door!

Now I knew it would be cold with the doors open all day and had turned the air down appropriately, but I hadn't expected was HOW cold it would be!!! It was about 30 degree outside, a few snow flurries, and overcast for most of the day, so it was FREEZING inside! I had Mom and Nannie buried under blankets the best I could. And I doubled up my socks and had gloves on. Brrr! Kevin got home from work around 10:30am, and he helped watch box numbers, so we could mark off the list. And when a very cold Eli finally came back inside, he watched the movers for awhile and was good about staying out of the way. But after awhile I just thought he looked sooo cold, even though he was still wearing hat and gloves, so I set him up with movie #2 (Finding Nemo) just so he'd stay in the back room where it was a lot warmer. When Hannah woke up from her good, long nap, she snuggled up with Nannie and Grandma who were back watching the movie with Eli. They gave the kids graham crackers for snacks, since we were kind of skipping past lunch time by this point, and everyone was happy.Anyhoo, it all went really really well except 1) our boxsprings for the beds don't fit around the turn in the stairs so we still have to figure that out, and 2) just as it was getting to the end we realized we hadn't seen my French horn. So we dug through EVERY box to try to find it and much frustration and a phone call to the packers later, we FINALLY found it out in the garage packed with garden stuff. Go figure. But what a HUGE relief! On packing day it wasn't allowed to be considered a valuable since it's not an electronic (seriously...), so it was just thrown in with everything else even though it's worth almost $1000 probably and it's not even mine, it was my mom's! So what a relief it was to find that! Then we could finish up and sign all the papers that everything was received. The only thing noticeably damaged was our microwave--the handle had snapped off. So we go pick a new microwave sometime and they pay for it, easy as that!

The kids were FANTASTIC! I was sooo proud of them! I hadn't had time to nurse Hannah at all since she woke up in the night at 5:50am, and she made it all the way 'til almost 2:30pm!! And Eli was a charm! He was understanding, stayed out of the way, and had fun doing his own little thing for the day either watching his movies or being outside playing with Grandpa.

The moving guy was soo nice--the big teddy bear kind of guy. When I told him we're getting new carpet upstairs in a couple weeks, he understood what we'd have to do to make it easier for us to move things later. He was so easy to work with and made me feel comfortable that I was handling the move on my own for awhile until Kevin got home.

The whole move finished around 2:00pm, then we heated up some smokies to snack on for lunch, and we got the kids down for their naps. They both woke up around 5:00 and we all headed off to Omaha to celebrate Mom's birthday (which is today) at Cracker Barrell. It was a really late night for us (really late bing 9:45, haha!) by the time we got the kids in bed finally, but overall it was a very good day!

Now we have a house FULL of furniture of STUFF! I cannot believe all the stuff we have! After going 4 months without these things and being just fine for the most part, I decided I really want to downsize and get rid of a lot more things. We thought we did that before the move and got rid of a garage full of things on a sale, but even still there is just so much! I'm overwhelmed at all the boxes to unpack and all the PAPER! Oh my goodness, the PAPER! There was a MOUNTAIN of paper piled up in our house yesterday, but the guys burned a good portion of it during the kids' nap. And that's only the START! Ugh! It's so exciting to see furniture in our house though. It's really starting to feel like a home, even with the mess or maybe because of the mess. And once we get thing rearranged a bit, those boxsprings out of the living room, all the boxes unpacked, and the paper thrown away, we'll finally be able to breathe again! So fun though! Okay, and I'm off to work--there's much to do!


bp said...

I'm so happy to read your day went so smoothly. The wagon picture is just priceless. Are you keeping the boxes or will you make something for the kids from one of them?

alisha said...

What a relief that the move is over! I'm glad it went so well! We couldn't get our spare box springs upstairs so we ended up having to get a box spring that was in two pieces (it looked almost like two twin beds).

Hope you get unpacked soon!!