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Monday, January 26, 2009

First tractor ride.

Last week on one of our warmer days Kevin took Eli on his first tractor ride. Eli just sat quietly taking it all in, but in the end I think he really loved it!

By the way, we don't farm or even have any land besides our big yard. Kevin's family does have a farm though and since we didn't know what kind of equipment to get for snow removal this first winter, they suggested letting us borrow one of their tractors that they never use. Kevin's dad had a blast getting it all ready for us! Turns out we put it to use yesterday, and with one quick drive down the lane the snow was all scooped! Nice!

And while Eli went for a tractor ride, Hannah got a wagon ride!

And towards the end of it all we saw another beautiful sunset. I have not figured out how to take a good sunset picture, but this is what I did capture.

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Mary said...

I don't know how you'd take a better sunset picture than that! Beautiful! I love the tractor pics!