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Monday, January 5, 2009


We have a house now, as of about 4:45pm today!! We dropped the kids off with our friends who moved here just before us, put the kids down for their naps at 2:30, and headed off to sign a bunch of papers. Everything went pretty smoothly though a slow start, and off we went with keys in hand. We chatted for a bit with our friends then took the kids to see the house. Eli had seen it when we were first house-hunting, but the last few days we've been talking about how we were getting a house soon, so he was extra excited this time, running around from room to room. And all Hannah wanted to do was head for the stairs! We don't have much here at all, but we managed to find something to block the way. haha Since it was already so late in the day I decided that the kids and I would camp out for the night and wait to leave until tomorrow. Doing a 3-hr drive with 2 kids TWICE in one day really wasn't my idea of fun anyway. I should've known. All day yesterday I had contemplated whether we'd stay or not, and I had decided we wouldn't just because I didn't want to haul overnight bags and bedding and bathrom stuff and booster seats and extra diapers, etc (I am soooo tired of doing that after 3.5 month of that multiple times a week!). But in the end we decided to stay anyway. The kids are sleeping in their day clothes, and tomorrow they'll wear their "spare outfits", and I went to the grocery store for simple breakfast items that don't require any cooking or dishes since our house is EMPTY right now. Oh but it'll be fun! Because it's our house! Not sure when the movers will come--still no word. Somehow I'm not thinking it will be this Saturday. Bummer. So who knows. I think we'll just try to make it work for as soon as they can get here, even if it's a weekday and Kevin's not here and my parents can't help with the kids. Somehow we will get our furniture back, and boy, I can't wait!

As for pictures, I would LOVE to share pictures of the house for you, but unfortunately for security purposes I won't post any pics of the outside of the house, and it's really the outside that makes it so great--1.5 acres of yard, a screened in front porch, and just a nicely built house surrounded by scenic farmland. The inside is great though too, though it's in need of a little updating here and there. It has 5 bedrooms --1 downstairs (will be playroom) and 4 upstairs (one for each of us PLUS a guest room!), 1.25 bathrooms (downstairs bath doesn't even have a sink), another staircase to the attic, and an unfinished basement. It has a built-in hutch in the current dining room/soon-to-be living room and built-in pantry cupboards.

I was always a town girl, so it'll take some getting used to living in the country. It's only a mile from a teeny town, but about 10 miles from the town where we'll go for most everything. But I think we'll settle in just fine. I can't wait for the kids to have so much space to play in the summers, and to be able to sit out under the stars by a fire in the summer will be AMAZING. So quiet. So peaceful. And I can't wait to have a porch swing for the early mornings! Ahh... so many dreams...

There will be pictures of the inside later on as we start doing work and adding our touch! Thanks for all your prayers! It's exciting that piece by piece it's all coming together!


Sharon said...

It sounds like a dream come true. I am so happy for you all. :)
And wow! 1.5 acres! We were excited over 1/4 acre. lol
I understand about the pics from the outside-my dh doesn't want me posting those, either. I'm imagining it, though, and it seems beautiful!

Julie said...

WOW, 5 bedrooms!!! I am jealous, lol! :) I am SO happy and excited for ya'll although I have to tell you, I live on 7 acres! I was raised on 33 and my grandparents owned almost 113 acres at one time! So, I am a country girl born and raised and let me tell you, girl, it is GREAT!!! You will LOVE it!! Nothing like the peace and quiet and sitting on the porch drinking iced tea in the summer & hot tea in the winter! Porch swings are just awesome! Well, anyway, can you tell I am excited for you?! Can't wait to see pics & totally understand about the outside picture thing. Wow, congratulations, ya'll!!


bp said...

Congrats! That sounds just amazing! I'll look forward to seeing the inside pictures (totally understand about not showing the outside!) I wondered if it had a porch all the way around, that is what my dream house has!! lol I hope you enjoy getting it all set up and just the way you want it.

BellaMama said...


Do enjoy the moving in time, it's an adventure like a camping trip - make it special!

Can't wait to see hopefully the inside of your house after you've settled in!


Kelly said...

I am so happy for you guys. My husband sells real estate so I know how wonderful it is to help make people's dreams come true. Hope all goes well. Talk to you soon.