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Friday, January 9, 2009

No more waiting, here we are!

After we closed on the house Monday we camped out overnight, just so we could enjoy our house for a little while before departing again. (that and I didn't want to make the 3-hr drive with the kids twice in the same day). Kevin, however, did get to stay since he was starting work. The kids and I hadn't planned on moving in until furniture arrived, but after seeing how fine it was to camp out that first night, I decided I didn't want to wait anymore, and we'd come anyway. I'd rather be together as a family than have a house full of conveniences. So I gave Kevin a day to have a peace and quiet so he could get himself settled into his new job, and I got busy packing up the house where we've been staying for the last 3.5 months. I loaded up the van yesterday, left at nap time, and three hours later we arrived, stopping at a grocery store on the way.

As for the movers... apparently our stuff gets transported from CT to Kansas (the midwest region). Then from there we have to contact them to get a date set up for the final move. Might as well drag it out some more. ugh. It will eventually get here, and we will eventually have our couches to sit on, dressers to store our clothes, and kitchen full of spices and pots n pans. Kevin did buy a card table the other day so we'd have a table to sit at when I got here with the kids. Bit by bit our house is getting put together.

First projects for this weekend:
  • Change out the door locks. It is sooo sticky! The realtor says all the time to everyone, "just gotta work the key." But seriously, yesterday when I got here with the kids and I was outside in the cold jiggling that stupid thing around for a good 10 minutes, feeling like I was trapped out of my own house, I decided that I would not have that and it must be fixed pronto! I tried going around to the front of the house, but I think the screen door was clasped shut.
  • Install water filter system on sink. The well water here tastes terrible, and even with our Pur water filter pitcher it tastes terrible. So we need to figure something out so we don't have to always buy bottled water.
  • Fix sticky toilet. It continues to drain sometimes instead of plugging back, and especially with a septic tank that could easily get backed up we really need to fix that.
  • New outlet and light switch covers for the some of the rooms.
  • Find carpet company.
Until next time!


Sharon said...

Good Luck! A work in progress that will be so much fun. :)
Carpeting-we went w/ Lowe's because of their special right now-whole house installation for $199. They include removal of old carpet, too (which Home Depot does not). Not sure if you have either store near you, but thought I'd mention it!

K,S, C and D the Dog said...

Good idea to change the locks anyways. We always do that regardless of whether they are sticky or not... never know if someone will come to visit and old owner with a key and come walking randomly into your home! Can't say it has happened to us, but I'm a safey dork like that. :)

Glad you're all together and on your way to getting settled. You guys like camping anyways, right! :) hehe I'm sure it's been a long time to wait already for all your stuff, but knowing you, I am sure you've improvised pretty good thus far! :) Good luck and hopefully all your things get delivered sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

First, I echo the caution to change the locks. ALL external locks. You might be in a rural area, but you never know.

Make sure you shop around for the water filtration apparatus. There are so many designs and scales. We had rusty well water in a home that had an established system. The system worked fine for a while, but there was so much sediment in the water that the filters filled up at an astonishing pace. Not only was it costly to keep replacing them, it was really inconvenient. Also, you might have the water formally tested for contaminants, just to ensure that it's safe (especially that chemicals or metals aren't leaching into it from the ground or the house's pipes). Hope this helps. Good luck and keep us posted!