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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Color is beautiful.

just so you know, Hannah only had a few scribbles of these pictures. most of the marks are Eli's.see?
poor thing, I really should've change her out of her church dress, but she was just so darn cute in it and the day was almost over so here she is anyway
can you see it? I love sweet little hand prints.abandoned.

Hannah had a chalk crayon and was quietly chasing after Eli so she could put it in his bucket. He got stuck at that spout, so she succeeded.
and yes, she has a big scrape on her nose. and a fading bruise on on her cheek. and a scrape on her knee. ahhh, this age...


crystal said...

They are just too cute! And how lucky to have a concrete sidewalk to write on. I fear that by the time we get to have that (our porch is wooden right now) , mine will be too old to enjoy it...so I sneak chalk to the park and we write on their sidewalks... :) Looks like they had fun!


bp said...

I love the picture of the handprint!

I think there is a picture of me with a scrape on my nose like that.
Have a good weekend.