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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hannah, 15 months


* feeds herself with fork or spoon and really does quite well
* takes one nap a day now (1-3ish)
* wakes up at the crack of dawn every morning now, usually by 7am
* sleeps on a pillow in her crib
* is practically running now but is also getting lots of scrapes and bruises from tumbles
* LOVES playing in dirt
* also LOVES playing at the piano
* tooth #8 coming
* can poing to nose, ears, eye, and belly button when asked
* is becoming more interactive and will go get things you tell her to like shoes, hat, cup, pot, or go to chair at meal times
* loves sitting with you and looking at pictures in books
* makes duck sound when asked
* will push and hit on Eli when he's in her way (oh yes, we have two toddlers now)
* does "blanket time" well now, stays and plays on blanket for set time
* has learned how to climb onto dining room chairs and will stand there shouting at you
* can stand back up on her own without pulling up on something
* kind of nods yes and no
* first words: dada, mommy, grandma, grandpa, more, ball, door, book

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The Chase Family said...

Sarah -
Just wanted to tell you I love looking at all the pictures you take - they always look amazing! I wish I was as good at capturing moments on the camera as you! :)

Have a good weekend!
Rae Lynne