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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Exploring caves.

We had a fun-filled Memorial Day weekend. Saturday we went on our first geocaching adventure, Sunday Paul, Holly, Katie, and Theoden came and we all went to the zoo in Omaha, and Monday we checked out a local state park called Indian Cave State Park. There is a sign for this state park just as your entering town, I've been curious about it so the other day I thought I'd take a driving adventure with the kids to go drive through it. It turned out that it was much farther from town that I thought, and after driving 30 minutes out with still more to go I finally just had to turn around and go back home. So Monday I was anxious to actually make time and go see what's there.

It was a very pretty drive through the park. Lots of trees, lot of camping, and a few small play areas. This was a lookout point.The cave itself was pretty unimpressive. I thought it would be something we could go in and walk through. But it was just something to walk up to. Oh well.
This trail was nearest the cave, so we decided to go on that one. It was fairly short up to a lookout point. It did have some pretty hard spots on the trail, especially with steep incline on smooth mud (aka slippery!). At those spots Kevin carried Eli but otherwise we let Eli walk on his own, while I carried Hannah on my back.
God's little reminder of who created the earth

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