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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A weekend in Minnesota

We had a great weekend in Minnesota celebrating Carri's birthday. It was a 6-hr drive, we left at naptime, they slept about 2 hrs and actually sat pretty good the rest of the drive. We arrived about 7:30 on Friday night, got settled into our cabin, and went to bed. Saturday morning we headed over to Carri's to spend the day. Late morning the girls went shopping, then we came back for lunch, naps/Wii, and then we all went out to a nice restaurant for dinner where we all pretty much ordered delicious prime rib. We went back to the house for birthday cake and then went back to the cabin for bed. Sunday morning we to Carri's early for breakfast before saying goodbye to Kevin's parents before they left. We stayed a little bit longer, and then we took off too. We drove back up to Rochester (20min) to run a quick errand before the drive home. There was a JoAnn Fabrics I wanted to stop by, and ta da! I FINALLY found the fabric I needed to finish Hannah's curtains in her room! YAY!! The drive back home felt longer, but we made it! It was a great weekend!


Our time at the campground. Here is the little cabin we stayed in. We really were only at the campground for bedtime, so we didn't have time to actually camp. We didn't do any campfire, play at their playground, go swimming, or check out the go-carts that were sitting outside of the office building. But this was definitely a lovely place to stay, and the cabin worked out great for us!
The front room has a queen bed. We had to bring our own bedding. I had a ceiling fan and even AC and heat. But we just kept the windows open with the fan on, and it felt very nice.
the back room had a queen bed and a set of bunk beds. the kids shared this room. That worked pretty well except at nighttime they wanted to stay up talking and playing with each other. Good thing naptimes were at Carri's house.
hangin' out at Carri and Lucas' house on Carri's birthday
some kitty love. Kevin loves cats so he was in cat heaven this weekend! This is Belldanndy. The second cat, Urd, was scared of everyone and stayed in hiding all weekend.a little Wii action. It was my first time to see it in real life! It's fun!
even Kevin's dad gave it a try!
a little boxing match between Kevin and Lucasbirthday cards.
birthday time! cake 1.
cake 2. since we kind of decided to come last minute we got a second cake just to make sure there would be enough for everyone. turned out to be PLENTY!
before we left Sunday morning


Mary @ A Productive Endeavor said...

That cabin looks PERFECT. That's exactly what I want to stay in when we go away this summer. The kids are too young for the tent/sleeping bag thing. Well Lance is anyway. I have no desire to rough it when accomodations like THAT beckon!!

bp said...

What a fun weekend away! I love that cute little cabin. We stayed at home, it was in an RV park, a couple summers ago, when we went to the beach. I'd like to go back to it sometime. Glad you had a good trip.