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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Happy Father's Day

Father's Day started with cinnamon rolls and over-easy/scrambled eggs for breakfast. Then we finished getting ready for church. At church they gave out gift bags for all the dads--it was really thoughtful! In it was a can of pop, a bottle of BBQ sauce, a bottle of chicken grill seasonings, a lighter, and two small candy bars. After church we picked up Subway to bring home for a quick lunch and then the kids were off to naps. We thought we were going to be productive during that time but we ended up taking a snoozer too. No better way to holiday! Right after naps we headed to our town village's annual Father's Day chicken BBQ. It's on the big town sign so we knew had to go check it out. And I'm glad we did because it turned out to be a lot of fun. We got there at 5 and ate a lovely picnic of BBQ chicken, cole slaw, rolls, and baked beans. Then we watched the kiddie tractor pulls. Eli wasn't quite big enough to try, but maybe next year! Then we got a funnel cake for a snack and then sat around to listen to a small community band play an outdoor concert. The kids were great at staying by us instead of wandering off, and as soon as they did start to go past their "boundaries" we left for home. We visited the cats at the barn for a little bit and the kids were off to bed. It was a nice day. Oh before afternoon nap we managed to get a few pictures outside...

While we were at it we tried for a family photo using our tripod.
Now today I'm making the blackberry cheese pie (Kevin's FAVORITE and a MUST-try!) that I had planned on making for Father's Day but ended up post-poning. Yumm...

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