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Friday, June 26, 2009

Zoo again!

We love being back close to family again! Between us going home, them coming here, and meeting halfway we really get to see each other quite a bit! We're three hours from home but the city is right in the middle. So sometimes we meet there for various things. Last week Mom and I met so we could get oil changes done and then go shopping. And early this week we met my parents so we could all take the kids to the zoo. (well, Kevin had to work) Since we didn't get to see nearly all of the zoo last time we were excited to go back! The main things we wanted to see were the aquarium, butterfly garden, elephants, giraffes, and the train ride. It was really nice because that side of the zoo really wasn't busy and crowded at all, and we could just take our time and eat lunch in peace. It was HOT, but we had enough breaks in the shade or on the train or inside a building or in a misting station that it made it bearable. And we sure had fun! Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Not sure what this first building was. It had a few fish, snacks, lizards, this fun Jeep, but most importantly a bathroom! First things first!
butterfly garden
here comes the train!!train ride!! Eli's ultimate favorite thing EVER. Hannah, however, didn't like it so much and cried every time the driver blew the horn. Even later in the day she'd start to cry again when she heard the train going by. Little sweetie.
short stop off the train to see the elephantsnow we're waiting for the train to come back to get us
proof that I was there too!


Anonymous said...

I think the awesome pictures are proof enough! You are getting SO good behind the lens! Nice self-teaching!! You'll have to teach me some things now :)

Emily said...

WONDERFUL pictures. The kids looks so amazing and beautiful.

AND SO DO YOU! You look so beautiful and peaceful and lovely in that last picture, Sarah!