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Sunday, June 7, 2009

What a good big brother!

We'd had a light breakfast so late in the morning I offered the kids a snack (a rare occurrence), a chocolate ricotta muffin. Eli got himself seated at the coffee table, sitting on his pot. And Hannah went into the next room and processed to drag and trip over her chair as she brought hers in to sit right next to Eli at the table. It was a cute sight.

Eli had a muffin of his own and I shared mine with Hannah. When mine was gone I warned Hannah that it was all gone. Eli then said, "I have some!" I thought he just meant that he still had some, simple as that. I did NOT expect for him to share some of his muffin. But that's exactly what he did! WITHOUT me even saying anything about it, he offered some of his chocolate muffin to Hannah! Now talk about thoughtful! That made my heart swell with joy! And you'd better believe I praised him for it too, and again when Daddy got home! What a good big brother!I love this boy! He's been extra sweet lately and I just adore it! He's been randomly sharing appreciation, thanking us for painting the kitchen and telling us how nice it looks (even though we did that quite awhile ago), thanking Daddy for fixing a toy, or just saying, "Mommy, I love you." There isn't anything in the world like it.


Kelly said...

What a sweet big brother!!!

Holly said...

That is absolutely adorable! Those are worth everything else, eh? :D

crystal said...

What a cute big brother! I love it when they get to that more vocal appreciative age! So cute.