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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Breakthrough day on the potty!! FINALLY!

Today I had decided to give focused potty training another try with Eli. And then this morning I remembered that we had a car appointment and all morning we'd be out of the house. But we did it anyway, for just a little bit after we got home and before nap. And then again in the afternoon after we'd run errands. Just in those little bits of time we had a couple accidents. This time I used potty pants instead of regular underwear, hoping it wouldn't leak so much on the carpet. And it was a bit better. They're just a little bit thicker than underwear. (I got 'em at Walmart.) Anyway, by evening time-ish Eli went 3 TIMES on the potty right away when he sat down!!! That means he totally knows how to make himself pee now!! So tomorrow's goal will be set the timer for longer stretches of time and see how well Eli does holding his pee and then going. And if he starts having a lot of accidents again then I'll do shorter bits of time again. YAY!! I'm soo proud of him! And I'm sooo excited for a breakthrough day!

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Servant Becca said...

What a great story for the day! Keep us posted....