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Saturday, June 13, 2009

The newest additions.

2 cute little kittens that will grow into our mouse-catching farm cats/pets that don't have to come in our house. Kevin loves them, and the kids love them, and I, well, keep my distance a bit but enjoy the joy they bring to the family. We haven't decided on names yet, so if you have any suggestions feel free to share!

Eli's helping carry an empty litter box down to the barn
Kevin and the kids watching the kittens from a distance so they can get settled in without being so scare of the kids
they're using one of the corn cribs in the barn as their little room for right now until they get big enough to let roam. It's pretty dark in there when the door is closed but otherwise it's a really nice setup


Servant Becca said...

Love the pics! Thanks for sharing the fun!

Kelly said...

I love the last picture!! So cute!!

BellaMama said...

Adorable!! My brother had a cat that looked exactly like these! We ended up calling him Buddy. You've made me want to have a cat!! I've not wanted animals since having children...I didn't want something else to pick up after! But now....they are soooo cute!!!
Are they boys or girls?

In Light of the Truth... said...

They're both male cats.

Holly said...

So cute!! Your boy cats should meet my girl cats... I LOVE kitties!!

Here's a few names off the top of my head: Chester, Tobey, Bruno, Scraps, Baxter, Oscar, Smudge, Boots, Cajun, Titan, Tom, Mac, Casper... I like naming things.

Or you could do something funny and name one "Genghis" and the other "Khan" since they'll be terrorizing mice and other rodents... Hahaaa! Can't wait to meet them!

Angela Danae Ogren said...

Careful with keeping your distance! My mom put up the biggest fight when we decided to adopt a stray dog into our family years ago. She ended up becoming the most attached to Scotty before he passed away 16 years later! (Just kidding) I remember that you don't even like to touch animals :0)

Frederick said...

Oh they are so beautiful!!! And the pictures of the kids enjoying them are beautiful. Ben says since they are boys his first suggestion is Zeke and Tyler. Next suggestion is to call them Sam and Ben (after all they do have the same hair color!)