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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Zoo trip!

Sunday morning Paul and Holly came for a short visit, bringing with them Holly's sister Katie and her husband Theoden. We thought they were delivering Katie and Theoden's washer and dryer for us to store for them, but they came empty-handed. We sure are glad they still came to visit us anyway, even though their purpose changed! We stayed at the house for just a little bit and then we all headed to Omaha to go to the zoo! The kids did sooo good! The last time we went to a zoo we had troubles getting Eli to move from one exhibit to the next, as he wanted to stay at the same one forever. But this time he did great! No troubles at all! And Hannah was very content in the stroller! It's a big zoo, so we only got through some of it before it was time for us to get back on the road for naptime. It was almost 3pm before we left and Hannah fell asleep a whole 30 seconds after we started driving! I have a lot of pictures from the day, but I'm really going to do my very best to keep it condensed for you!
so beautifully colorful!
my wonderful husband who pushed the stroller all day so I could take pictures!
Hannah was sooo content to just sit in the stroller all day. She didn't make a peep! A nice result from being hot and tired.
my beautiful sister-in-law
I love these tiger pics
bird kissies
Katie and Theoden
It was definitely a fun-filled weekend! Stay tuned for Monday's activity!

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Anonymous said...

Sarah and Kevin, LOVE all the pics and info on the kids and your lives! I love your new home and all the changes you've made. It's hard work, but worth it all! What a wonderful way to keep friends and family close to you! Hannah and Eli are so very cute and precious. I can't believe Hannah's hair is growing so fast! That Eli always has a smile on his little face! lol

Aunt Donna Jean