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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Grandparents visit

I actually didn't have my camera out much this week, but here are a few pictures from my grandparents' visit (my mom's parents). They came with the kids on Tuesday afternoon. We grilled hamburgers for dinner that night. Wednesday we had lunch, hung out, I finally got my Nebraska driver's license (they're only open on Wednesday's and I've been avoiding taking the kids with me there, so this was a great opportunity), and that night we went out to eat at the local BBQ restaurant, pretty much the only restaurant in our town. Thursday morning I met the family in town where they were staying and we strolled around the neighborhoods looking at houses. After the previous two days being CRAZY windy, it felt good to finally get outside again! Eli was a crying wreck for a couple days from all the transitions, and honestly I wasn't so sure I was glad to have him back. But he settled back in and I really am glad to have him, well both kids of course, home again, despite the challenges. It was a good visit. I love being able to share our life with them, let them see our house and where we are now. Until next time, Grandma and Grandpa! Maybe then we'll play a good ol' game of croquet! =)

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