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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our new ride.

We've been looking around for quite awhile and finally settled on this riding mower. We've got almost 2 acres to mow, so a rider it had to be. It got delivered to us on Saturday morning--good thing, because after last week's rain it was TIME to mow! --and the boys gave it a try right away getting the lawn fresh for our family visiting later that day! Eli helped daddy for the whole 2 hours, or whatever it took. I guess he was "stick boy". We didn't spend a lot of time cleaning up the yard ahead of time because we really didn't know we were going to mow that day, so whenever they ran into a stick, Eli would hop down and get the stick and then they'd carry on. Last night after the kids were in bed I got my driving lessons, and it was fun! It's kind of like driving a go-cart! haha I get a little nervous on even a little bit of a slope, and I really didn't try maneuvering around anything at all, but still, it'll be a chore I'll be happy to help with from time to time! So here is our new ride!


The Cutes and Scoots Show said...

:) That looks like fun!

I like mowing too, sorta mindless and enjoyable to take in the scenery... we usually draw straws for it. When I was pregnant with Colbster I would use the push mower in hopes of walking miles on end to spur on labor. Didn't work that time, but perhaps it might this time round! We'll see.

Angie said...

That mower doesn't look little :) I was expecting a tiny ride-on based on what you said on the phone! That is most definitely a "mawn mower tractor!" Caleb will love it! Can't wait to come let him ride sometime soon...