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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fun in the park

One great thing about moving is getting to check out all new parks! As soon as I got Hannah down for a nap, my brother Paul and I took Eli (and bear) to the park while my dad manned the baby monitor! He (Eli, not the bear) was in definite of activity! Since this was the only stroller we had with us that day, Bear filled in for Hannah. Check out the pics...

Love that smile!One of the structures that's been there since I was a kid.A little play house.I think this train is seriously cool!

My new favorite pic of Eli!Just a fun shot of Paul swinging.
Paul was showing Eli all the different kinds of leaves on the trees. The fact that Eli was actually letting Paul pick him up was kind of a big step!
When we got back Hannah was awake and Eli wanted "more ride" so we traded out the bear for my sweet girl and continued on. And yes, Eli's supposed to actually be sitting backwards, but he likes it this way, so whatever. I just be sure to drive carefully so he doesn't fall. LOVE this stroller, by the way, but you'll be hearing about that another time.
COMING SOON... pictures from a local parade!


Kelly said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. The train is very cool!!

Sharon said...

That's a nice park! Your little guy looks like a charmer.

I'm glad you mentioned about the stroller. I was going to ask about it!
We debated about getting a Sit & Stand. I look forward to a post on it! :)

Holly said...

My husband-to-be is so amazing... oh, wait, this was about Eli's day at the park, that's right... got sidetracked for a minute. It looks and sounds like a wonderful visit with family and getting accustomed to the area, and Eli had a lot of fun, that's awesome! I'm excited to meet them next month!
Ok, now back to daydreaming about my future family with this amazing brother of yours... :D