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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Laundry basket fun!

For a lot of the afternoon today the kids were having fun actually playing with each other and following each other around the house. Here they are having loads of fun with the laundry basket!

giving Hannah a ride


crystal said...



BellaMama said...

Joining the troops of laundry-basket sledding! When all else fails, cardboard boxes and laundry baskets. Mine still love the baskets and it's a treat for them to take it back to the laundry room, they take turns pushing each other around & when there's lots of laundry done, they get their best toys and just sit and visit or even have races!

It's good to hear that your babies have many distractions and even many hands (family) while your hubby is gone!! Are you preparing for his return? Will you have a party or a special thing like that? It's always fun and exciting to plan something for someone we love for when they return!!

Blessings always!!
Mrs. C.

happyrockcafe said...

So much fun when they discover a playmate. I'm sure they'll be great friends!