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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Train Ride: Scenery Pics

A couple weeks ago I went shopping with my mom and Hannah to pick out my bridesmaid dress for my brother's wedding. While we did that my dad had a special day planned with Eli--they were going to ride the train in Boone. Well, because of road construction along the way they pulled up just in time to watch the train ride away without them! They still had fun exploring the stationary train cars and going out for ice cream. But we've been hoping for a time to try again for the ride, and now that Kevin's back and this is the last week the train runs for the season, we decided to go for it! It was an almost 2-hr ride at 1:30pm (aka right at nap time) but it all worked out, and I'm convinced it was worth it! And boy, was it a beautiful day to go! High 60s and sunny with low winds! Amazing, especially for Iowa! As always I have a ton of favorite pics, so I'll start with the scenery pics because it's what I started loading first. But check back later today for the rest of the pics of some smiling faces!

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