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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Prayer Requests

Just thought I'd post an updated list of prayer requests now that we've been back for a couple weeks now...
* Pray for Eli. He's got a lot going on right now with being away. He's been to a lot of places, seen a lot of new faces, daddy's gone, he's got several molars coming through, and he's 2, so he's pretty cranky. He's clinging to me like crazy and though my family wants to help out, Eli won't let them. He doesn't want anyone else to put his shoes on but MOMMY, or anyone else to fill his milk or juice cup but MOMMY, or anyone else to push the stroller but MOMMY or anyone else to take him outside but MOMMY or anyone else to buckle him in his booster seat or car seat but MOMMY. I am the only constant in all of this change, so he's super attached which is hard on him and annoying for me. He's not around his normal play area and doesn't always have things to keep him entertained so some days he's just bouncing off the walls and rowdy and even when we take him outside a lot, he's still just bonkers when we come back in! He's been so good about naps and bedtime though, doesn't ever have trouble adjusting to his new bedding situations whether he's by himself or a sharing a room with all of us. And he does love having the family around, but not when it comes to the things he usually does with mommy.

* And in turn pray for me to be gentle and patient with Eli though it's as frustrating and irritating as it is.

* Pray for little Hannah. Not sure what's going on but a few weeks ago she started waking up quite a bit at night, sometimes 3 or 4 times! And now that we've been staying with other families or sharing rooms, I just want her to stay quiet and go back to sleep so I've just been feeding her a little instead of trying to rock her or letting her cry at all. I just don't really know why she's waking up and I'm so frustrated because she slept soooo well the first 5 months of her life. Pray that she starts sleeping better. And also pray that she'll start taking food. We've been trying for almost 2 months now for her to take cereal and baby food but she just doesn't have any interest. She won't open her mouth for anything! So far we've done rice cereal, bananas, sweet potatoes, squash, and bread. We've tried the baby food variety and even the real deal, and just haven't had any success! And I don't know if that would help her sleep better if she was getting food!

* Continue to pray for Kevin's job search that God would soon lead us to where He would have us.

* Pray for my grandparent's travels. They were here visiting from North Carolina for a couple weeks and just started the long drive back across the States.

* We're thankful for how God has provided for us during these two weeks so far, and we're thankful for the time we've had with friends and family! Thanks for all your prayers! Until next time....


Anonymous said...

Noticed your concern for Hannah and food. Melody had the same situation when Morgan was about that age. So she would mix a little rice cereal in milk (either breast milk or formula, whatever she will take) making the hole just a little larger to get it through and then after Morgan got used to it she would take it from a spoon, very soupy. She is nine months now and eats several foods but they still have to be super blended. She doesn't like "chunks". Hope this helps.

Nothing like a good night's sleep!

Kelly said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you. Sending prayers your way. Good Luck and Stay Strong!!

Darla said...

Praying for you. I would second Eunice's advice on putting food in the bottle...it's a real possibility that she is just hungry, milk doesn't
"stick" as long as food does. Or it could be that she is just uncertain of her environment (like Eli) and this is her way of getting some undivided Mommy time and feeling secure about all thats going on around her.

BellaMama said...

Yup, my 6 month old is going/finishing going through waking several times at night also. The night before last he was up from 3 until 5 in the morning and I had only gone to bed at 1-ish and got up at 7. I read the Bible out loud to him and sang songs that were scripture and he calmed down and finally went to sleep. I also was annoyed, but once I decided that I would stay up with him no matter how long it took, then I had a wonderful peace and was able to have this shared quiettime with my Saviour and my son!
I have been giving him more attention during the day, and since he's still nursing, I upped my liquids, and feeding him more often which has all helped alot. Last night he slept through 8P-8A and only woke to nurse once!!
Jesus is your strength. It is a fact, so rest in Him! Read a few verses that say so and meditate and recite them throughout the day!
Always look to the Lord, He is your Strong Tower!
Blessings always!
Mrs. C.

Julie said...

Hi Sarah! I will email you more later as right now I am typing one handed but I wanted to tell you that I am praying for you & thinking of you often. =)