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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!

We are always THE latest ever at getting our pumpkins! I believe it was just a couple days before Halloween last year that we finally realized we really better get our pumpkin if we're going to get one at all. And here we are in the same situation this year. With the move and all, time sure has gotten away from us! But with the fabulous weather we're having here this week we couldn't pass up a chance to go to an orchard today! I didn't get as many artsy shots as last year, but I definitely got some good family pics AND we had good fun in the process (sometimes I try sooo hard to get good pictures that we can't enjoy the moment)...


Holly said...

Great photos Sarah!!! You look SO PRETTY!!! I also really like the ones from the train ride, awesome!

Julie said...

I love the pictures; beautiful!! Your blog looks great, too! I really like the picture in your header. It's such a good picture of your family! :)